problem with counting words

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Oct 12 19:45:08 EDT 2014

larry wrote:

 > Here is the real problem.  I don't know much.
 > I'm sitting here assuming that a word is a word, regardless of
 > whether it is inside quotes.
 > Now I find out there is trueword.  It's just hard for me to reconcile
 > LiveCode's boast of "simple English" and stuff like this.

I hear ya', but like so many other oddities in the language this one 
came from Apple, the same team who decided that we should be able to use 
property syntax for function calls, but only sometimes, and that many 
global properties should start with "dont" rather than change their 
default value, but again only sometimes.

Those geographically inclined may note the proximity of the HyperCard 
team's workplace to the location where most of California's medical 
marijuana is grown today. Draw whatever conclusions you like from those 
two perhaps-unrelated facts....

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