problem with counting words

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Sun Oct 12 14:56:17 EDT 2014

Please tell me where it says that in the dictionary - I could find nothing 
about it.
I also searched the User Guide for "quoted strings" and also "smart quotes" 
and found nothing.
I also searched both the dictionary and the User Guide for truewords and 
found nothing.
So I'm very mystified where this stuff is to be found and how it is to be 
I'm just trying to understand how this information is found so I don't need 
to keep bothering everyone on this list.

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The dictionary clearly says that quoted strings are counted as a single 
word. If you wanted to work around that as an issue by using the 
itemDelimiter, you would then look at the number of items in the field, not 
the number of words.

There’s a better option though, you can see how many truewords there are in 
the field, because that uses Unicode delimiters.

If you don’t want to use truewords instead of words for some other reason, 
you could solve the issue by using smart quotes instead of dumb quotes.
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