Teaching LiveCode to Children

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Good luck!

Hugh Senior

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From: Terica Lynn Swangin <pedinatural at comcast.net>

Good Afternoon,

I emailed Heather about this and she suggested that I post this request to

My name is Terica Lynn Swangin and I am emailing to ask for your help. My
business, PediNatural, is in the running to receive a $150K grant from the
Chase Small Business Mission Main Street competiton. If we are fortunate
enough to win, one of the projects we hope to develop and fund is a pilot
program that will teach LiveCode to local underprivileged inner-city middle
school children as an after school enrichment program. To be eligible for
round 2 of the grant process we need at least 250 people to vote for us. I
would really appreciate it if you could please show your support and vote.
We only have 11 days left to qualify.

To cast your vote, simply click the 'Vote Now' Facebook button on our
Mission Main Street Grant profile page. Here is the link to our voting page.

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