DataGrid again

Terence Heaford t.heaford at
Tue Oct 7 06:00:33 EDT 2014

MacOS Mavericks LiveCode 6.7 (RC2)

I have a 6 column data grid set to enlarge automatically via. it’s geometry settings.

When zooming the window and the data grid does not contain any data it enlarges/contracts as it should.

When the data grid contains data it does not enlarge correctly (barely resizes at all, just a few pixels) but when contracting the window the data grid zooms to a size that is larger than the window.

I am not sure it is relevant but the data grid is populated via. the large data set method that calls GetDataForLine pLine, at pDataA

Is there a problem using this method with geometry settings that I am not aware of?


any other suggestions would be appreciated?



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