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JB sundown at
Thu Oct 2 16:19:23 EDT 2014

Here is another chart.

Hex - Binary
0    0000
1    0001
2    0010
3    0011
4    0100
5    0101
6    0110
7    0111
8    1000
9    1001
A    1010
B    1011
C    1100
D    1101
E    1110
F    1111

The binary code is eight chars long.  The Hex code
is two chars long.  To convert from Binary to Hex you
use this chart.

Take a list of binary data and it will be a group of eight
char sections.  You take the first eight chars and now
you will be dealing with the first Hex char.  As I said
before Hex is numbers 0 to 9 and letters  A to F and
these letters can be upper or lower case but keep it

Now that you have eight Binary digits that represent
one Hex value you take the first four binary digits and
convert them to the Hex value in the chart and then you
take the second four Binary digits and convert them to
the Hex value shown in the chart.  Now you have your
two digit Hex value.

John Balgenorth

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