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Okay, I am sorry I misunderstood you.
I do not like C or any of its form either.
And I do not like all of the wasted text
with curly braces.

Now that Apple has released Swift it is
a little easier than C but you still need to
have a C background to use it.

John Balgenorth

On Oct 2, 2014, at 9:28 AM, Dr. Hawkins <dochawk at> wrote:

> On Thu, Oct 2, 2014 at 6:11 AM, JB <sundown at> wrote:
>> Who do you think is sniveling and exactly
>> how fun is if for you to say “it burns. it burns!”?
>> And who are you saying it to me because the
>> code does not work or LiveCode?  Either way
>> what makes it so fun for you?
> No, not at all.  It's the C. Any C. Especially working in text with C.
> "snivel" was the best word I could come up with for Gollum's voice/tone
> from the Lord of the Rings movie (I think they were binding him with elven
> rope, or some such.).
> I've used, learned, and forgotten more languages that I can recall over the
> years--including C and C++ a couple of times each, raw postscript, and
> coding in LaTeX (from which the [probably mis-syntaxed] "\snivel" line is
> drawn).
> After having written a mailmerge in C++ (or maybe it was C; whatever LyX is
> written in), my reaction to *any* text manipulation in C for the rest of my
> life will probably be that of a vampire to a Crucifix . . .
> C has some wonderful features.  I'd particularly like to be able to use
> it's variable scoping in livecode.  (hmm, that may be all :).  I've been
> personally told by Dennis Ritchie that Ken would agree with my complaint
> that the names of mkdir and rmdir in Unix are bugs, as commands that
> important should have two letter names.
> But I truly hope to go the rest of my life without writing or even reading,
> another line of C.
> It burns.
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