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Mon Mar 3 21:00:27 EST 2014


Way, way back, "Basic Computer Games" by David Ahl was the definitive book about
coding and playing games on what were then called "home computers". I wanted to
make a similar book with 101 LiveCode computer games, but quickly realised that
it would take a very long time to do. Instead, today a more modest "Coding Nine
LiveCode Games" eBook is finished and available. You can find out more about it
at the link.


It has 9 games:

* Pong
* Tetris
* Dr. Eliza
* 23 Matches
* Tower Jump
* Lunar Lander
* Text Adventure
* 3D Spider Hunt
* 3D Isometric Maze

I hope this book proves the clarity and power of LiveCode where code is shorter,
and so quicker to develop, than other languages. With
most games coded in under 500 lines of LiveCode, this book demonstrates good
technique. To stimulate ideas for further development, and inspire both new and
experienced LiveCoders.

Thanks for taking the time to read YAAP (Yet Another Announcement Post).

Scott McDonald
"Components, Controls, Tools and Resources for LiveCode"

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