Name shadows another variable

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Can you tell me more about what this error is and does?


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The above error has been flagged intermittently and incorrectly when
compiling a script with Strict Compilation Mode turned on for as long as
I've been using Livecode.

In the last couple of days, the error has been flagged every time I compile
a script in one particular application.  I restart Livecode and all is OK -
same combination of stacks, no recompile necessary.

As far as I know, that's the only way to get around the issue unless I
switch off Strict Compilation Mode which I am not willing to do.

I know the bug has been entered at the QCC several times and I also know
that so far it has been impossible to provide a recipe to reproduce it. I
will add the stack exhibiting the problem to one of the error reports but
I've done that in the past and RunRev have been unable to reproduce it.

I am practically at a standstill with development of this application until
this problem is fixed.

It seems to me that someone at RunRev needs to take responsibility for
finding what causes this problem using old fashioned methods, like going
through the code, or reproduce it themselves.

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