Problem on Win 7 with an app compiled with LC 6.6 on Mac

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Jun 26 11:30:53 EDT 2014

jbv wrote:
> I am using LC 6.6 build 4003...
> And suddenly today, some of the users of this app in various
> cities of the country seem to encounter problems on Win 7...

The current Stable version is 6.6.2, and the Release Notes for that 
version include mention of a great many fixes related to display issues, 
hangs, and crashes on Windows.

It's always useful to try to ship with the most recent shipping version.

And during development it's very useful to work with the next 
pre-release build, since you'll be able to submit any reports that may 
be needed during the development cycle for that build so they can be 
addressed before release.

Please keep us posted if 6.6.2 resolves the issue, and if not whether 
the current next test release (6.7 DP4) still exhibits the issue.  If it 
does, please note the bug report number here in your reply so those of 
us keenly interested in Windows issues can follow the fix process for it.

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