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Simon simon at
Mon Jun 23 20:28:03 EDT 2014

Hi Vaughn,
Did you get this sorted out?
> ******** When I edit the script to add the " EXAMPLE; put url ("file:" & 
> specialFolderPath("engine") & slash & "foo.txt") into tFileContents 
foo.txt has to be in the Copy Files of the standalone settings. (We're
talking mobile right?)

"...why would it replace all of the images in all of the cards?"
if it's in a group who's "behave like background" it true then that's what
happens to all the cards that group was placed on.

"- Can the image control be used in a group background?"
Yes, if it's the lowest layer control. Since you create a new image from the
templateImage it's the top control.  
Not sure on how you have things set up but I think you should be saving the
last image to the documents folder and set the filename of the image already
in the group to that name then "delete last image". Ah wait.. since it's a
standalone the last image wont be saved anyways so no need to delete.

"- Is there a special way to Set the image from the Photos folder in the
You'll have to copy the image over to specialFolderPath("documents") and
read it from there.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding all this.


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