Nested Repeat loops

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Sat Jun 21 02:02:23 EDT 2014

In some cases I managed to replace "repeat for" with
"repeat while" and thus eliminating the flag and the
test on it since the condition is in the repeat loop itself.


> Wondering if anyone has an elegant way of exiting all the way out of a set
> of nested repeat loops., e.g:
> repeat for...
>    repeat for...
>       repeat for....
>          repeat for
>             if ..... then <I want to exit out of the outermost repeat loop
> here>
>          end repeat
>          <do this and that>
>       end repeat
>       <do this and that>
>    end repeat
>    <do this and that>
> end repeat
> Right now, I set a flag to true when the exit condition is met then test
> it
> in the <do this and that> stuff.  Works fine but feels a little kludgy.
> Pete
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