Google PlayStore and Android Tablets

Ralph DiMola rdimola at
Thu Jun 12 13:17:24 EDT 2014

My app received these warnings from Google Play. My app is designed for both
small and large formats. Warning 1 look like just setting the minimum
version to  <>
Android 3.0 (API level 11) or above should fix this. Warning 2 appears that
LC needs a tablet check box in the Android standalone settings to correct
the manifest. Warning 3 looks like we need additional icon selections in the
Android standalone settings. Are the last 2 warnings a feature request or am
I missing something? 




Design your app for tablets

Your Production APK needs to meet the following criteria:

The minimum Android version and target Android version need to support
tablets (check targetSdkVersion and minSdkVersion).
oid-versions> Learn more

Your APK should support common tablet screen sizes (LARGE and XLARGE).
ort-screens> Learn more

Your APK should include custom drawables assets for common tablet screen
tablet-icons> Learn more



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