Removing all NON numbers from a data element

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Wed Jun 11 14:47:42 EDT 2014


This regex does what you want:

on foo
    put "123-f-78-x0//" into x
    put replacetext(x,"[^0-9]","")
end foo

Probably you will need a repeat loop, unless you really just have a list 
of 500000 phone numbers. In that case you could use 
replacetext(x,"[^0-9\n]","") to modify the entire list at once. I don't 
know how long that would take, though. Just try it.

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On 6/11/2014 20:23, Magicgate Software - Skip Kimpel wrote:
> Hello LC'ers
> I have data element that I need to scan for all NON numbers and remove
> them.  For instance this data element should read 0123456789 but sometimes
> is listed as 0123-4-5678-9 or has foreign characters in it or reads NOT
> so:
> if item 14 of tLine <> number then....
> There are about 500,000 rows of data to go through so my dilemma is to
> make the code as efficient as possible.
> Thank you for any input you might have!

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