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Yes, there was Publish-&-Subscribe in it, but the really-amazing thing about OpenDoc is that everything would have been document-centric, versus application-centric like it is now and has been forever. In any document/application you would systematically use the components of your choice: your favorite text-editing object for ANY text-editing, your favorite graphics-editing obj for ANY graphics-editing,and so-on. Furthermore, these widgets would interoperate with each other, automatically share screen real-estate, negotiate among themselves ... like active software agents, aka Artificial Intelligence. It would have been.. GREAT! Especially nowadays with all of the horsepower we have. Sigh!

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> Remember
> OpenDoc? Publish and subscribe? :-)

Oh, yes.  Publish & Subscribe seemed perfect for some of what I was doing
back then.  And any minute now, that update from my excel sheet to my word
document may finally complete . . . (but I'm not getting my hopes up).

They really overlooked that things had to complete in finite time--and I
had a fast machine for the time.

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