Be, OpenDoc, P & S and...

Lynn Fredricks lfredricks at
Wed Jun 11 11:03:43 EDT 2014

Very interesting time in MacOS land when Be came around.

I wrote an article for their developer magazine about sales & distribution.
At the time, I was also involved in selling a different RAD tool and in
talks with Be to port it to the BeOS. Had they agreed to terms, I think it
would have changed things for them. It wasn't just that Apple didn't acquire
them that they failed, it was to get momentum on commercial applications -
for which there were few.

There were a few Mac OS focused vendors who were looking at Be as a possible
platform (as they held their noses and ported to Windows), but I think many
were still sensitive to declining revenues on the Mac platform and being
stung by various initiatives that died horribly, like OpenDoc. Remember
OpenDoc? Publish and subscribe? :-)

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