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John Craig john at splash21.com
Wed Jun 11 04:55:29 EDT 2014

Don't be sad - the reason for posting the topics was for feedback :D

The security topic would appear naturally when talking about logging in, 
etc. (but a dedicated topic would be possible).

A few examples that work nicely with LC...
   SSL connections for encrypting all traffic to/from browser - (the 
easy option!)
   Javascript MD5 for sending encrypted data over non SSL connections.
   Using encrypt/decrypt to talk to your web app. from a standalone.
   Generating auth tokens from your standalone for non encrypted comms.

What I really had in mind was "The Hitchhiker's Guide To LiveCode Server 

On 11/06/2014 02:46, Kay C Lan wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 11, 2014 at 3:02 AM, Simon Smith <hello at simonsmith.co> wrote:
>   but if it helps one person, then I would be happy.
> Well it helped me, so please be happy.
> Now to make you sad. I'm surprised that security didn't make a mention
> in John's lists of topics, nor is it an obvious link on your page. I
> know there are many posts on this list that cover the topic and
> there's probably a books worth of detail on this one subject alone,
> but it would be really nice if, when you cross that bridge, you were
> to add a Hitch Hiker's Guide on how to keep data private as it travels
> back and forth between LC standalones and LC Server. For me, once I've
> got past step one of the installation of LC Server the very next
> hurdle would be to keep all comms secure, or which comms do I need to
> keep secure and which ones I need not waste time worrying about.
> But again, thanks for the link!
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