which release do you recommend?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Mon Jun 9 11:40:23 EDT 2014

larry wrote:

 > I'm still getting some very weird behavior with the compiled program
 > using Windows XP and 6.1.1 (rc4) - behavior that doesn't show up in
 > the IDE, but does show up in the compiled.
 > Do you have a recommendation as to any later release that would be
 > more stable?

I tend to use the most recent test build for daily work, and build 
standalones with the most recent release version (marked as "Stable" on 
the Download page).

Currently the most recent release version is 6.6.2, released June 5:

There's always a risk of regressions with any new version of any 
software, but the increased number of bug fixes in later versions is a 
known positive.

In the past I've used older versions for building standalones when a 
specific regression was encountered, but in the last couple years these 
have been very few for me.

That said, I use XP only for testing, and only in a tightly-contained 
virtual machine, which I'm willing to throw away and replace at the 
first sign of trouble.  And even then, I only test copies of my 
software; the originals never touch that environment.

Microsoft has done an admirable job at least one other OS vendor could 
learn from with regard to providing clear guidance on when their OS 
versions reach end-of-life, and the security implications thereof.

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