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Alex Tweedly alex at
Sun Jun 8 20:03:18 EDT 2014

On 09/06/2014 00:31, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> In broad terms:
> - Forums as a central working group resource we can use to explore 
> ideas, assemble teams, and manage projects
Can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get the forums mirrored (or gatewayed, or 
whatever the right term is) into e-mail ?

I find the forums impossibly slow and tedious to check, search and read. 
Maybe I need to do it every day, maybe I need to use some option, or 
some external tool, maybe there is some way to get it to show me only 
the posts I haven't read yet (or highlight them?), or some way to 
download all new posts for off-line browsing, or .....

But right now, I go to the forum page and all I can see is 60 or 70 
sections, some or all of which might have posts I might or might not 
have read - and it takes an age to go into each one and see if I can 
remember whether or not I've seen everything.

On the other hand, I read the use-list and the dev-list - each time I go 
into my email, I find a simple, sorted, threaded (if I want) set of new 
postings - I read them (or skip them) and I'm very quickly and easily 
done. And if I am connected to the 'net, they are all downloaded and I 
can read them later even if I'm not connected (which happens often).

Net result - I read and sometimes/often respond to the email lists, and 
every so often I try the forums for a day or two before giving up in 

Summary - please either gate-way them into an email-based system, or 
give some instructions on how the forums can be made to be user-friendly 
(which may well just be over-coming my ignorance :-)

-- Alex.

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