Stack/Standalone Updater?

Charles E Buchwald charles at
Sat Jun 7 20:13:33 EDT 2014

Hi List Members,

I need a routine to check for updates in a standalone, and the plugins I publish.

I have made some very simple scripts that check a file on my server, and alert the user if there is a new version available. But I'd like to include something more sophisticated, that can download and install an update, much like LC itself does, or Scripter's Scrapbook, for example.

This seems like one of those very common tasks that would be perfect for a library stack, or a script to copy and paste when developing.

Does anyone know of such a library or script collection, commercial or not?
Or are you willing to share such a thing? Or collaborate on making it?

- Charles

Charles E. Buchwald
CEO/Director General
Museografica Digital

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