[ANN] MobGUI V1.26

John Craig john at splash21.com
Sat Jun 7 16:11:55 EDT 2014

MobGUI >= 1.25 is now working with all versions of LC6/7 (community and 

The option to create an ipa file alongside the app when building for iOS 
has been added. This was in an old separate iOS plugin with some other 
useful functions, which should also make their way into MG shortly.

The ability to automatically upload both iOS and android apps to the web 
for installation (already working in an old plugin) and signing of 
android apps is planned - I've just completed an android app recently, 
but the only way to get a valid signed apk seemed to be via the command 
line.  If this gets fixed in LC's android package building, then this 
functionality may not be required.

For downloads, visit http://mobgui.com/download.php


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