Issue with 6.6.2 - Fields Left Justified

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at
Sat Jun 7 00:47:46 EDT 2014

Just running 6.6.2 and noticed the following. I have some fields
(happen to be Label fields) which are Left Justified and I place
various lengths of data into them which sometimes exceeds the length
of the field. Up until 6.6.2 the data, no matter the length, remains
left justified, but under 6.6.2 as soon as the data exceeds the length
of the field it suddenly becomes right justified.

If I create a brand new stack and everything works correctly. I've
retested my project stack with 6.6.1 and the fields dispay correctly,
but under 6.6.2 they do not.

If anyone else sees this I would appreciate any insight into what I've
done that is causing this.

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