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J. Landman Gay jacque at
Tue Jun 3 15:32:03 EDT 2014

Many of you are familiar with the scripting conference stacks we created 
10 years ago. They are still being downloaded and used by new LC users 
and are referenced frequently in the forums as a valuable learning tool.

Lately there has been a push on the forums to modernize them (they still 
refer to "Revolution" and use the old logo) and to add some additional 
topics that cover some features that have been added since the originals 
were made.

The purpose of this message is twofold:

1. Rather than contact each author, I'm reaching out here to save some 
time. We'd like each author's permission to update your conference 
stack. The changes will be very minor; besides changing the RR logo, in 
most cases we will simply replace the word "Revolution" with "LiveCode" 
throughout. The actual text and demo content of each stack is still 
relevant and won't need any alteration. Since I'm pretty sure no one 
will mind, I'm going to assume that's okay with all the authors unless I 
hear from you otherwise. But if you have any questions or objections, 
please write to me privately.

2. The second thing is to let the non-forum readers here know that there 
is an ongoing discussion in the forums about these stacks. If you would 
like to follow along, see the discussion here:


Your input would be valued.

For reference, the original scripting conference stacks can be 
downloaded here:


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