Snapshot includes cursor?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Jun 2 18:55:48 EDT 2014

If it helps, the "from <obj>" form can be used with any object, such as 
a group containing all the stuff you want captured.

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William Prothero wrote:
 > Richard:
 > Tnx. What I’m doing is creating and drawing the various line, box,
 > and text objects for data plots. Then I take a snapshot of the
 > rectangle (not the entire card) and draw symbols onto the image using
 > the image data. Some of it is  derived from Colin’s sample
 > “simplePaint” stack. It works pretty well, except for occasional
 > snapshot oddities. Another part of the app displays a large map that
 > I scroll or drag and when scroll finishes, a snapshot is taken. The
 > user may choose to plot thousands of points on the map. I figure that
 > drawing symbols on the smaller size snapshot will be much faster than
 > on an image that is much larger. In other words, the snapshot command
 > is an integral part of an image creation/modification process that
 > includes rectangles, fields, lines, and symbols.

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