Snapshot includes cursor?

William Prothero prothero at
Sun Jun 1 23:39:55 EDT 2014

I did try your suggestion previously, and it didn’t work. Even with my workaround of moving the cursor out of the snapshot area,  I had to surround it with "wait with messages” commands. I’m on OS 10.9.3 and I just noticed this happening today. Bizarre. I really think that snapshot, in combination with the “wait for xxx seconds with messages” command is flakey somehow. My app working fine in 6.6, fails in 6.7 dp4, because of the snapshot oddities. I can’t make it fail in my test program, but it has something to do with all of the graphics objects I create, then delete after the snapshot. My guess is that some piece of graphics code in the engine isn’t respecting the wait with messages command. The snapshot appears to happen before the system finishes creating and displaying the approximately 10 fields and lines I create for a data plot. It’s a show stopper for me, because my app won’t work unless snapshot works. I could just create the graphic objects, but I plot hundreds to thousands of symbols on the plot, so draw them right on the image. Otherwise, there would be a gazillion symbols to create. 

Anyway, I’m very frustrated!

William A. Prothero, Ph.D.
University of California, Santa Barbara Dept. of Earth Sciences (Emeritus)
Santa Barbara, CA. 93105

On Jun 1, 2014, at 8:20 PM, Paul Hibbert <paulhibbert at> wrote:

> Bill,
> It's not working that way here on OSX 10.8.5 with LC 6.6.1, sometimes I wish I could capture the cursor, so I can understand it being frustrating if it appears when not required.
> You could try hiding the cursor instead of moving it…
> 	set the cursor to none -- Hides the cursor
> 	import snapshot from rect tRect
> 	set the cursor to arrow -- Restores the cursor
> Paul
> On 2014-06-01, at 7:38 PM, William Prothero <prothero at> wrote:

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