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I get "can't set this property" when I:

set the short name of btn 1 to "XYZ"

The dictionary explicitly says you can set the short name. I assume this is a bug. (v. 6.5.2)


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Hi friends,

just wanted to hear your opinions about a thing that bothers me for a long time.
No idea if one can change this or should change this however.

1. put the name of img "image" -> image "image"

2. put the short name of img "image" -> image

3. set the name of img "image" to "image2" -> OK

4. set the short name of img 2 to "new image 2" 
-> Script compile error:
Error description: seek: missing 'in'

The big logical discrepancy between these four items is puzzling me for years 

Any ideas, opinions or whatever very welcome!


Klaus Major
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