displaying database info on a datagrid

Dr. Hawkins dochawk at gmail.com
Sat Jul 12 15:40:42 EDT 2014

I'm finally doing something where a datagrid would seem to make sense.

I need to be able to select which items in the database will receive a
mailing, and it would seem to be easier to show them all (or the selected
subset) in the scrolling list.

So I use a form datagrid, with a custom checkbox (I've gone to a 13x13 box
w. 17 point arial bold and 2,1,0,0 alignment instead of checkboxes, as the
bitmapped checkbox goes ougly on print), and my two fields.

When I do the SELECT from the db, I'll get lines delimited by vtab, and
elements of each data by tab, with my own unique ID as the index (good; I
need that around!)

It seems to me that I can just use this array for the pDataArray, and toss
the items of it into the fields where I want them in FillinData (not
withstanding the name of the argument).

Is there any reason for me to change my data to a multidimensional array
instead of handling it like this?

(I also have a need to be able to click on a row and retrieve the ID for
other operations, but that's down the road)

Dr. Richard E. Hawkins, Esq.
(702) 508-8462

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