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Thanks, I’ll try it.


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>> Hi,
>> I want to drag an object around (a group), restricting its Y coordinate (set to be a property, ?yLocation"). I?m using this script inside the object:
>> on mouseMove
>>  if the mouse is down then
>>     set the loc of me to (item 1 of the mouseLoc,the yLocation of me)
>>  end if
>> end mouseMove
>> However, after moving it sideways, when I click on it again to move it, every time it jumps back so that its X coordinate is zero relative to the mouseLoc.
>> This behavior would be fine for a button, but I?m dragging a 3000-pixel-wide group.
>> How can I drag it by clicking on one side of this group?
>> I tried using the grab command, but I couldn?t seem to be able to restrict the Y coordinate with that.
>> Peter
> Hi Peter,
> Greetings from UCD (retired).
> The mouseMove needs to recognize the initial separation between the mouse at mouseDown the x loc of the object being moved at mouseDown. I call that distance dx. 
> The following will move the button along the initial y coordinate of the button and the x loc of the mouse plus the initial separation dx  
> local y0 ,myName, dx
> on mouseDown
>  put the short name of me into myName
>  put the loc of me into p0
>  put item 2 of p0  into y0
>  put the mouseloc into p1
>  put item 1 of p1 into x1
>  put  item 1 of p0 into x0
>  put x0 - x1 into  dx --The distance between the button loc and the mouse loc
> end mouseDown
> on mouseMove x,y
>   if myName is not empty then
>      set the loc of me to x+ dx,y0
>   end if
> end mouseMove
> on mouseUp
>  put empty into myName
> end mouseUp
> on mouseEnter
>   put "" into myname
> end mouseEnter
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