6.5.2 Doesn't Remember Script Editor Location

Björnke von Gierke bvg at mac.com
Thu Jan 30 08:46:55 EST 2014

On 30.01.2014, at 14:08, Ray <ray at linkit.com> wrote:

>  Could you please point me to a lesson/steps or something which would help me write a backscript in a plugin and have it open automatically?

Well the first stop would obviously be to read the backscript entry of the dictionary. I have a similar setup as mark, only my stack allows the editing of label fields when in browse mode. There's several ways to include code in the message path, for example I use "start using stack" instead of "backscript" or "frontscript".

A so called "plugin" is simply a stack that resides in the plugin folder within the user extension folder of the IDE. To see where your IDE has stored that folder, go to the Preferences, and select "FIles & Memory" (it's at the bottom). Also check out the "development" menu: development -> plugins -> plugin settings

Also see this lessons:

As a test, you can make a stack that reports the location of the mouse when you click in browse mode, to do that just make a new stack with this code in its stack script (also make sure to rename the card accordingly):

on openstack
  if the target = "card" && quote & "my own plugin" & quote then
    start using this stack
  end if
  pass openstack
end openstack

on mouseUp
  put the mouseLoc & return & the screenMouseLoc
  pass mouseUp
end mouseUp


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