Resize Stack Differences on Mac and Windows

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Wed Jan 29 11:34:55 EST 2014

Hi Ray,

It depends on the 'liveResizing' property of the stack.
The calculations needed to resize the content of the stack can be time-consuming.
And on Mac redrawing the window takes longer than on WIndows/Unix.

So the default behaviour on Mac is not to send 'resizeStack' messages unless you specifically turn 'liveResizing' on.


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On Wed, 1/29/14, Ray <ray at> wrote:

 Subject: Resize Stack Differences on Mac and Windows
 To: use-livecode at
 Date: Wednesday, January 29, 2014, 8:29 AM
 I'm not sure how many versions back
 this goes but apparently the following script works
 differently on a Mac and Windows with 6.5.2:
    on resizeStack
       put the ticks
    end resizeStack
 On Windows the message is sent continually as long as the
 mouse is down and I'm resizing the stack.  On a Mac the
 resizeStack message is sent just once when I let the mouse
 up after resizing the stack.
 Does anybody have any experience with this anomaly?
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