Help I can't stop the Hack.

Kathy Jaqua kgjaqua1 at
Mon Jan 27 23:55:14 EST 2014

Hi All

   It has been a long time since I have been on the LiveCode User List. 
I am feeling much better now. I have been with RunRev since the beginning-- 
coming over from MetaCard and HyperCard.

   As I was finishing all of my 14 ImageLib Application Yea! I realized that I was being Hacked.
The manner in which they did this was to substitute my Edit palette for their palette
 some named "revNewScriptEditor 1". 
I kept entering a script and when I went back it was gone.  They illegally seized my scripts. They are very fast!!

   I have trapped these malware Palettes and I have 54 examples of the actual palettes and I was able to 
take screen shots as well. In some of these palettes that "just appeared", I was able to add color to the
linking property contained in liveCode scripts. This was to try to identify who these people are. 
(These kids just coming back with the same colors.) Can any of you help me Please.
Thank You for your time and attention.

Kathy Graves Jaqua
A Wildest Dream Software
kgjaqua1 at 

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