RQCC - how do you submit a bug report ?

Alex Tweedly alex at tweedly.net
Mon Jan 27 13:39:54 EST 2014

On 27/01/2014 03:22, Mark Wieder wrote:
> Alex-
> Submitted as bug 11713. And verified on linux as well.

Thank you Mark.
> PS: the "Desktop OS" field is in step 4 ("I can see this bug in")
Indeed - I see that now. The problem is that if you miss it first time 
and get the error message, and then follow instructions to go Back, then 
the extra drop-down doesn't appear. You can make it re-appear (by 
changing the "where does it occur" value to something else and then back 
again) - but how would you know to do that ? Personally, I think it 
would be better to make both questions (i.e. both drop-downs) visible 
all the time, even though the available selections in the second one 
would be restricted for some selected values of the first drop-down. Or 
maybe just have better text in the description of step 4. If I can think 
of suitable better text, I'll add that as an enhancement request for RQCC.

Thanks again,
-- Alex.

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