Inaccuracies using the Within keyword

Ray ray at
Mon Jan 27 11:26:30 EST 2014

I've created a triangle (shape of an Egyptian pyramid) with the Freehand 
Polygon tool, made it opaque, filled it black and put the following 
script in the stack:

on mouseMove
    if within(grc "Polygon",the mouseLoc ) then
       put ""&the mouseLoc&" - IN"
    else put ""&the mouseLoc&" - OUT"
end mouseMove

As I move the mouse in and out of the black area of the polygon Livecode 
senses that it is IN the polygon about 5 pixels before it is; that is if 
I'm hovering the tip of the arrow cursor around either the left or right 
side of my pyramid.  Hover around the base and it's dead on.  I wonder why?

Does anybody have a minute to confirm this?


Ray Horsley

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