SQLite and FTS in LC 6,5x

James Hale james at thehales.id.au
Mon Jan 27 03:31:14 CET 2014


Has anyone else had problems with the FTS module of SQLite in the current LC?

I have a program that uses FTS and once I opened it in 6.5 I started getting SQL errors. To try and track this down I regenerated a new version and imported my text. Everything seemed to work fine except when I tried to use the FTS feature.
I then had a look at the tables and lo and behold there is nothing in the main text table created for FTS. Wondering if it just wasn't visible I then checked my database previously created using LC 5.5.
It was full of text!
I will investigate further but it seems the populating of the FTS tables is broken.

Is anyone else out there using FTS with SQLite and LC 6.5?


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