[OT] Mavericks Auto Save and Red Traffic Light plus Back Dot

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at gmail.com
Fri Jan 24 06:35:49 EST 2014

Just for confirmation, I'm definitely on 10.9.1

On Thu, Jan 23, 2014 at 6:02 PM, Björnke von Gierke <bvg at mac.com> wrote:

> Go to System Preferences, and select the General tab. Slightly bellow the
> middle, there's a checkmark saying "ask to keep changes when closing
> documents".

OK, well that's cryptic... 'Enable Auto Save' would seem to be a better
title if the vast majority of the time what it does is when your working,
not JUST on closing the document. I definitely WONT be unclicking that
check box. Certainly glad when I upgraded that checked was the default

> For example in text edit, documents should show a grey "– edited" after
> their name, but not the red dot thingy. You can still force a save, which
> will include a milestone-type of save (some are also created automatically,
> usually when a document is closed), you can browse trough the revisions in
> time machine, even if you have no backup hard disk connected.

Currently I get all of that AND the red dot thingy. So I'm clearly not a
Mavericks Auto Save Versions expert but from what I can see, with my set
up, I can work on page 10, save, work on page 17, save, work on page 23,
save, work on page 37, save and then using 'Revert to...' step back to page
23, 17 and 10. With Auto Save I guess I'd have umpteen steps in between,
maybe more? Not sure if that's going to be helpful or a hindrance.

I upgraded to Mavericks because multiple monitors was a complete botch in
MoLi and I need multiple monitors. Thankfully that works now, but apart
from that I can't see anything to shout about. Basically Mavericks has just
been a patch fix for MoLi, which I guess is why it was such good value for

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