[OT] Mavericks Auto Save and Red Traffic Light plus Back Dot

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Thu Jan 23 18:34:03 EST 2014

Graham Samuel wrote:

 > ...IMHO the whole business of removing "Save As..." and forcing the
 > user to make a duplicate and rename it (or use Time Machine) in order
 > to secure a particular revision of a document so as to allow
 > rollback, is clunky. I think Apple wanted the saving to work the way
 > it does in iOS (and for that matter, the way it did in HyperCard),
 > but I can't imagine someone preparing a meaty document finding the
 > current functionality easy to understand. The LiveCode IDE still has
 > "Save As..." and long may it continue, say I.

As a developer tool, it should, and likely will, forever.

But for consumer products, it seems what Apple's going for it to bring 
elements of iOS back to the Mac - among them, the end of the file system 
as a user interface element.

I believe the spirit of this goes back to Steve Jobs' observation that 
most people's desktops are a complete mess of file icons.  Obsessed with 
getting rid of clutter, his answer was to remove the file system from 
the things users need to worry about.

Ideally, if done well, applications would provide a clear and useful way 
of rolling back versions of a document without ever having to leave the app.

I think what we're seeing right now with OS X is a transitional state, 
halfway between the OS as we used to think of it and the OS of the 
future in which only developers will ever work directly with files.

All just groundwork, IMNSHO, for the inevitable day when iOS and OS X 

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