Unicode, the clipboard and LC fields

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Wed Jan 22 12:59:05 EST 2014

Fraser Gordon wrote:

 > Windows, OSX and iOS use UTF-16 in their native APIs. Android is (I
 > believe) UTF-8. Linux is usually UTF-8 but could technically be
 > anything…
 > There are valid reasons for either choice but in the end it shouldn't
 > really matter to anyone who isn't fiddling with the engine source
 > code - it's probably best thinking of the use of UTF-16 as an
 > implementation detail. Any time you do I/O to a file or socket, you
 > should say what encoding you want or else you'll end up with a lossy
 > native encoding.

Thanks for that background, Fraser.

It sounds good - quite exciting, actually.  So I have to ask the 
uncomfortable question:  do you have an anticipated release date for 
that version?

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