Any work around for no SFTP in LC?

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Fri Jan 17 12:55:34 EST 2014

Thanks Mark (nice book btw...finished it last week!)

I'm looking at working with third party apps to get the job done...appreciate the response!

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Subject: Re: Any work around for no SFTP in LC?

Hi Jim,

You could use CURL or PuTTy SFTP or ask someone to make an external. 
You'd need an external for Windows only. Mac OS X and (most versions of) 
Linux have CURL installed by default.

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On 1/16/2014 15:20, Jim Schaubeck wrote:
> I need to support SFTP for a project I'm working on and it seems that even after all of the legitimate requests for it from the LC community (even over the years) there is no response from RunRev on this.  Unfortunately, I can not wait for RunRev to respond...I have to keep going.
> I've looked at trying to "rig" solutions together to get done what I need to get done but it would be safer, cleaner and faster if Livecode supported SFTP.
> Since it doesn't, can folks please share what they have done with SFTP and Livecode.
> I specifically want to:
> 1) Check an SFTP server for certain file types
> 2) Copy them to a much larger storage area
> 3) Delete them from the original source once they have been moved to the larger storage area
> 4) There are many other things I'll be doing with these files but I know LC can do all of those things which is why I'm trying to do as much with LC as possible and not willing to integrate multiple peices of software just for SFTP...but if I have to I will
> I know there are scripted versions of SFTP clients on the market and I suppose that could be an option but LC is the preferred method as I've spent a long time working with it.

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