pageHeights ignores new line properties in fields?

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Thu Jan 16 06:11:33 EST 2014

Hi David,

I took a quick look at the source of the 'pageHeights' property implementation and can confirm it's not taking these properties into account. And since the 'pageRanges' property implementation follows the same approach, I'm sorry to say that it won't take them into account either.

Not sure how you can script a workaround for this one. Maybe using the formattedHeight of individual line chunks, but that might not cover all corner cases. So I suggest you head on over to and create a bug entry.

For the curious who enjoy reading C++ code, the clue is in file
The following methods are at the core of these property value calculations:
-> Boolean MCParagraph::pageheight(...)
-> Boolean MCParagraph::pagerange(...)
And neither look at the paragraph attributes...

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On Wed, 1/15/14, David Epstein <dfepstein at> wrote:

 Subject: pageHeights ignores new line properties in fields?
 To: use-livecode at
 Date: Wednesday, January 15, 2014, 4:43 PM
 I find that the pageHeights function
 does not take account of the newer lines-in-fields
 properties like padding, spaceAbove, spaceBelow, etc. 
 If I set the scroll of the field to line 1 of the
 pageHeights of that field, it will ordinarily put the first
 line of "page 2" at the top of the field.  But if I
 have, say, set the padding of line 3 of that field to 15,
 setting the scroll in this way may result in only the bottom
 half of a line of text appearing at the top of the
 field.  (It might accidentally work properly for some
 cases, but trying a few different values illustrates the
 Can anyone confirm this, and has anyone already scripted a
 Thanks very much.
 David Epstein
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