ISAM algorithm

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Jan 16 05:44:01 CET 2014

Cal Horner wrote:
> I have set up an ISAM data substack to control how data from a stack-file is
> displayed. And yes I know it's reaching back into history to use it, But....
> Anyway, my algorithm is a bit "clunky". So I'm looking for instruction and
> examples of any other ISAM methods. So it will be nice and simple but
> beautiful.
> Any Ideas on ISAM or suggestions for the same?

Good to see you here, Cal.  Seems like it's been a few months.

I've had a hobby of playing with custom data stores, and while I haven't 
spent much time with ISAM (I prefer to waste disk space in less 
interesting ways <g>), maybe some of what I've been experimenting with 
could be useful.

Data storage and display is such a broad topic - can you share some 
specifics of what you have thus far?

And if the data is being stored in a stack file, why ISAM over something 
like delimited chunks in custom props?

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