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Tue Jan 14 21:13:51 CET 2014

Hi, Pete.  If client A connects to server:10100 from, 
then the server can send a response back to client A through  Each client that connects to the server can be 
identified and communicated with in the same way : via the ip:port that 
they used to send the data.

read from socket with messages doesn't block


On 14/01/2014 17:22, Peter Haworth wrote:
> Diving into yet another new are of Livecode for me - sockets.
> My server issues an accept statement for port 10100.  My client opens
> socket 10100.  WHen the client connects to the server, the port number I
> get is not 10100, but some other number which changes on each connection.
>   When sending messages between the client and server, which of these
> numbers should I use?
> My server uses read from socket with a callback message specified.  I have
> a socketTimeout message handler which fires every time the
> socketTimeoutInterval expires.  I thought the "read from socket with
> message" command was blocking and everything would stop until a message is
> received.  If that's the case, it seems odd that these timeouts should
> occur?
> Pete
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