There should be a "unique" option on sort . . .

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Sun Jan 5 19:00:16 EST 2014

Or, (untested)

repeat for each line tLine in tData --unsorted
  if tLine is not among the lines of tFinal then put tLine & return after tFinal
end repeat
sort tFinal --if desired

But using Peter's "split" post is the most elegant


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   *put* line 1 of tSortedData is false into lastLine

   *repeat* for each line L in tSortedData

      *if* L is lastLine *then* *next* *repeat*

      *put* L & cr after tUniqueData

      *put* L into lastLine

   *end* *repeat*

Either that or some form of Peter's de-dupe and then sort.
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