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Vaughn Clement vclement at gmail.com
Sun Jan 5 11:24:28 EST 2014

Hi John

The background scroll is a great tool. So, if i have a background that is
larger than the standard card size or the content is hidden by the
keyboard,  I should be able to scroll up or down to display the hidden
content? I have in the past needed to use scripted dialog box to popup and
field edit and then save the input to the field. The keyboard was the issue
it was covering the input field so the user could not see the input as they

Love the Android and IOS controls and reset feature.

I have one item on my pending list of things to find:
The image control question I have in the "How to" is the issue where an
image control appears that it cannot be used in a background because it
assigns any new image to all of the image controls on all cards in the
stack. Is this true or is there a setting that can allow the function to
work in the background? I was told to use a Custom Control in the inspector
to make the card retain the image in the current card. My issue is the LC
technical support does not include and references to the use of a image
control in a background, yet alone a way to create a custom control. I have
been looking for an answer for weeks now.

Great job on the new version!

Thank you

Vaughn Clement

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On Sun, Jan 5, 2014 at 7:57 AM, John Craig <john at splash21.com> wrote:

> Themes has been added to MobGUI, making it easier to develop for both iOS
> and android.  The latest version can be downloaded from http://mobgui.comwith a valid license key.  I've had quite a few emails about a free trial
> version, but this isn't possible as one of the goals was to make MobGUI run
> on both commercial and community editions of LiveCode, so there's no way to
> limit a trial version. The new plugin doesn't attach itself or any library
> stacks to your stack, but adds behavior scripts on a 'MobGUI' card.  All
> behavior scripts and custom control scripts added to your project are
> editable by you so you have full control.
> I've uploaded a quick video to youtube and documentation is currently
> being worked on;
> http://youtu.be/gxlL1gshBpA
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