[ANN] MobGUI themes

John Craig john at splash21.com
Sun Jan 5 10:57:11 EST 2014

Themes has been added to MobGUI, making it easier to develop for both 
iOS and android.  The latest version can be downloaded from 
http://mobgui.com with a valid license key.  I've had quite a few emails 
about a free trial version, but this isn't possible as one of the goals 
was to make MobGUI run on both commercial and community editions of 
LiveCode, so there's no way to limit a trial version. The new plugin 
doesn't attach itself or any library stacks to your stack, but adds 
behavior scripts on a 'MobGUI' card.  All behavior scripts and custom 
control scripts added to your project are editable by you so you have 
full control.

I've uploaded a quick video to youtube and documentation is currently 
being worked on;

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