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On 04/01/14 18:29, Jim Hurley wrote:
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>> Aside from scripting considerations,
>> Have anyone noticed how beautiful
>> are these patterns when you reduce
>> them to a fraction of their original size?
>> They look like small jewels.
>> Small and beautiful jewels...
>> or galaxies, if you prefer. :D
>> Al
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>> Jim Hurley-2 wrote
>>> Hot damn! It works!  (And I learned a important new feature of LC.)
>>> Reversing the order in grouping the grc and image set the grc
>>> BEHIND the image, as it should be.
>>> And I had a misspelling in the path name.
>>> The kids will love this feaure.Thank you all so much.
>>> I have put a rough version in my public Dropbox.
>>> Run in the msg box:
>>> go url
>>> ?
>>> There have got to be some bugs, so run it alone.
>> Ah... but don't stop there. :D
>> An easy addition, could be to allow kids to employ
>> bitmap patterns and gradients within the graphic oval.
>> Another easy addition is allow them to use Ink effects
>> in the image myImage.
>> (By the way, I found some impressive bugs
>> on the xcompmgr composite manager while
>> playing with Structural Blends)
>> The possibilities to create astounding and beautiful
>> images increase exponentially.
>> Now imagine what the kids would do if you allow
>> them to stack multiple kaleidoscopic images
>> with different ink effects applied to each.
>> I know the answer: An Art exhibition!
>> Printed or in a digital display, these images
>> created by the uninhibited mind of children
>> will be a real treat for the senses
>> Remember that you could add multiple undo and redo.
>> as the user would like to see how the image will look
>> before undoing and after redoing.
>> You could show the user how the image will look
>> before using Undo or Redo using a scrolling field
>> or a scrolling group to show these thumbnails.
>> It would be really easy to create a multiple undo/redo
>> history setting the text of myImage to a saved version
>> stored as a custom property of the thumbnail image! :D
>> I made a stack to test this idea and it works.
>> Tell me if you want to include it in your stack and
>> I will clean up the test stack and send it to your mail.
>> Have a nice weekend!
>> Al
> You’re right about the superiority of the smaller graphic background. Small is beautiful.
> You are more the artist than I. I confess to have never worked with any of the graphic effects.
> I tried all the different inks on the kaleidoscope image and none of them did much for me.
> If any of the kids do more than just play with the app, I might look into it.
> But the question I asked earlier got lost in all the snapshot talk.
> I’ve seen the mention of the public version of LC.
> Is that something I could upload to the library computers for the kids to work with?
> Now public is it? Is it a crippled version of the commercial version?

No, you haven't :)

The "Community" version, as far as I am aware, only really has one 
signal difference from the Commercial version:

you cannot code protect stacks with it; so both stacks and standalones 
made with it can be cracked open by anybody who wants to,
to look at, twiddle with, or pinch the code.

However; when it comes down to the fine points, Richard Gaskin is your man.


> Sorry, you see I haven’t been paying much attention.
> (Damn, this MacBook Air locks up a lot under Maverick, and I mean a forced restart of the computer. I haven’t had a OS X crash like this on me for years. They say they’re working on it, but its been a long time now.)
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