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Scott Rossi scott at
Sat Jan 4 04:33:02 EST 2014

Hi Al:

I'm not positive but it seems you can get multiple "managefly" messages
fighting with each other, caused by pressing different keys while the
animation is running.  Adding the following line as shown seems to help.

on keydown tKey

   if tKey is in "q,w,e,a,d,z,x,c" and the allowAnim of this stack


      cancel item 1 of line lineOffset("manageFly",pendingMessages()) of
pendingMessages() -- < add this

Also, this comment is subjective but you might try using a sequence of PNG
images (if you can get them) rather than a GIF, so you can get better
blending between the bird and what's behind it.  Using a PNG sequence may or
may not occupy more processor than using an animated GIF -- you'd have to
test this.


Scott Rossi
Creative Director
Tactile Media, UX/UI Design

On 1/4/14 12:43 AM, "Alejandro Tejada" <capellan2000 at> wrote:

> After visiting this site:
> I remember this thread and returned
> to post a demo stack.
> Many Thanks Geoff for posting these
> useful notes about background behavior
> written by Geoff Canyon. :)
> Look at this stack that displays:
> 1) an animated gif inside a background group
> with the Dynamic Layer property set.
> Control the Dove position using the keyboard.
> 2) a 20 cards flip animation that plays
> when you press the mouse button
> inside the photo or stack background.
> go stack url
> "
> ecode"
> Download the stack, follow the instructions
> to play the card animation and move the
> animated gif, check the scripts and post the
> many ways in which this demo could be improved.
> Thanks in advance!
> Al
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