LiveCode and SCRUM tools

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Jan 3 20:07:54 EST 2014

Alejandro asked:

 > Why there is no a Project Management Tool
 > created with LiveCode?

This may be for many reasons, but two come to mind:

- There are almost as many project management methods are there are 
project managers, so a single tool may not appeal to all, or be relevant 
for different types of projects.

- There are many existing PM tools, like the one shown in the video you 
linked to, that already do a great job, independent of the development 
tool or language, so one can pick the PM tool that best fits their tastes.

I've been sketching out idea for a simple set of PM tools for some time, 
but actually working on projects has kept me too busy to finish them. :)

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