Change in behavior of minHeight property

Devin Asay devin_asay at
Fri Jan 3 23:58:29 CET 2014

In all versions of LC and Rev prior to 6.5, setting the minHeight of a stack, when the stack's height was smaller than the new minHeight, resulted in the stack being resized to the new minHeight. This behavior changed in 6.5. Now setting the minHeight/Width of a stack has no effect on the size of the stack. This bit me recently in a sample stack that I send out with LiveCode University, which resizes itself when the user clicks a button. (The same thing happens with the minWidth, BTW.)

I went to the Dictionary to read up on this behavior, and it seems that the minHeight, as documented, is only supposed to restrict the ability of the user to resize below the set value. It does not restrict the ability to set the dimensions of the stack via scripting.

So the question: is this change in behavior a bug? The new behavior seems more in line with the documentation, still, it broke my older stack. I'll create a bug report if others think it's warranted.

Can others verify?



Devin Asay
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