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Wed Feb 26 10:23:01 CET 2014

Some other dev platform I use dropped PPC a long time ago, and just dropped
support for anything below 10.7.
They also asked about dropping support for Windows XP.
Dropping 10.6 met with a little resistance there, but didn't lead to a
revolt against the dev platform.
Dropping XP seems to be a little more controversial, but it looks like this
might be dropped as well, since MS won't support it anymore anyway.
I guess support for the old platforms takes up time and needs to stop at a
certain point in time. There is always a last version to use if you still
want to compile for a certain target.
As long as a list is available with what version is needed for what target,
the problem seems minimal. Just make sure if a program requires a certain
target, you don't move beyond the dev platform version that supports that

I also don't need support for 10.5 in new LC versions anymore.

Dirk Cleenwerck

On Wed, Feb 26, 2014 at 12:02 AM, Monte Goulding <
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> Hi Folks
> Market share is one thing and sales to that market share is another.
> People still on 10.5 and below are quite used to not being able to buy new
> software by now so probably aren't even looking. So really this is just a
> maintenance market (which even Apple with their huge resources don't cover)
> and LC 6.5 and 6.6 will cover that for as long as it's required. Just like
> on iOS Apple make it incredibly difficult to build against old SDKs and
> maintain backwards compatibility so I would much rather that LC were ready
> when Apple drops Carbon than have new releases of OS X break LiveCode.
> I would add my vote for a Linux PPC version which shouldn't be all that
> complicated to do. Really the only hope for most of these machines to
> extend their functional life is to install one of the Linux PPC distros.
> It's also possible for anyone to maintain a fork of LC Community for as
> long as they like merging in applicable bug fixes.
> Additionally from a contributor's perspective the whole 10.5/10.4 thing is
> quite frustrating because it means you need to jump through quite a few
> hoops to build on a modern OS X system. From comments on the engine forum I
> think at least one potential contributor simply gave up because of the
> hassle.
> Spending a significant chunk of the kickstarter $ on maintaining
> compatibility with such a small percentage of machines really makes no
> sense whatsoever. I just wish this question was asked before the time was
> spent trying to get it working in LC 7 but then again it always takes some
> time for you to get to the point where you realise something will take a
> ridiculous amount of resources compared to the gain.
> Cheers
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