Richmond richmondmathewson at
Sun Feb 23 08:31:04 EST 2014

Right; so here I am on a Sunday afternoon feeling
suitably postprandial . . . and looking at the notes for 6.6 dp1
and playing around with ASSERT

Set up a stack with a button with this script:

on mouseUp
    assert 1 is 2
end mouseUp

as per notes.

SO? Where is any sort of result????

tried this script:

on mouseUp
    put assert (1 is 2) into fld "fOUT"
end mouseUp

that one "threw a bluey"

as did:

on mouseUp
    put assert (1 is 2)
end mouseUp

So, I made another button with this script:

on mouseUp
    if 1 is 2 then
       put "Yup" into fld "fOUT"
       put "Nope" into fld "fOUT"
       end if
end mouseUp

which worked perfectly.


SO; assert is meant to be a way to check for runtime errors

[which in my example above it certainly does NOT look like]

WHERE is one expected to see "fails" or "succeeds"

or, how does one know if assert has either failed or succeeded?


Why not just run one's original script and see it the da*n things works?


"if the condition fails, then an assertError message is sent to the 
object containing the

Where does the programmer see the assertError message?



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