[OT] Richmond's DNS disease, was: RELEASE LiveCode 6.6 DP1

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Mon Feb 17 00:35:46 CET 2014

On 2/16/14, 2:19 PM, Bob Sneidar wrote:
> To Mark’s point, turning off SSID broadcasting is really only to keep
> the less-than-adept from jumping on your wireless. It really does
> nothing these days to secure your wireless. Neither does Mac Address
> Filtering by the way.

Yeah, I'd read that so I didn't feel too bad about broadcasting, but I 
still don't want it. Basically it's just because I'm so 
privacy-conscious. Not that the name of my router matters.

To Mark's point, I haven't tested broadcasting since I updated to, I 
think it was, ICS so maybe I'll try it again. I know in Froyo and 
Gingerbread it failed, and I'm on KitKat now so who knows.

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